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Happy Birthday tooo me (well it was Saturday)

it was a funny saturday cause my brotha took me too a stripp club and this stripper comes out of no-where too hugg me… and it was this with girl a grew up with in grade to high school! …. talk about akward meetings lol she took me to the private era and wee just talked and caught up with each other it felt akward times 10 in the back of my head i was like “NO BABY NO DONT BE STRIPPIN” but i guess i cant be totally bad at a girl trying to just make a buck so she can eat but yeah thats how my birthday went…just another day in my life 0_0

i am sooo scared every body is hittng me up like yo we goin here and their 4 my b-day 2day and all i can think about is if im going 2 remember 2 day 0_0 it’s gonna be fawkin crazy sauce i am so/not ready this - oh boy

cant really decide im turnin 21 on Thursday 4-21 but i dont know waht my first legal drink should be any suggestions?